Dress pillows

This bottom of this lemlem beach coverup is now a pillow.

Ecological me

I was cleaning out my clothes closet.  Something I like to do on a regular basis. If you saw my closet, you wouldn’t think there would be anything to clean out.  I like to keep things spare. I pulled out four summer dresses.  (In Tropica it’s summer all year round.) They were in that difficult category of: they still fit and they’re in such good shape.  But they had played their part in my life and I knew I would no longer wear them.

But I couldn’t bear to part with them because the fabrication was too too beautiful.  I do love my fabrics!  I put them in a plastic bag for a long while.  Every so often I would open the bag and it tortured me.  Soft and thick French linen. (Manuelle Guibal) Superfine Japanese cotton. (Yukai)   Handwoven Ethiopian cotton. (lemlem) Intricate Mexican indigo. (A rare shawl from Michoacan)

One day, I took the dresses to my design shop and asked for pillows to be made out of them.  The shop girl giggled and thought it was gringa craziness going on.  Then she started fingering the fabrics and decided I was cool.

The workman who cut up my dresses and made the cushions  totally “got it.”  The linen dress had flat patch pockets and I asked him to incorporate the pockets on the pillow.  You probably wouldn’t notice they are there, but I do.  He understood to make my lemlem pillow perfectly off center, just how I like it.

I’m not a matchy matchy person.  I like things a little off.  These pillows grace my home as memories of summers past. If I lived in northern climes, what could be better than a grey flannel pillow, or a favorite sweater pillow?

That’s it for today!  I had to tell you!  Do you have any recycling ideas to share with us?

xo Liza

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4 thoughts on “Dress pillows

  1. Hi! Just stopped by to congratulate you on your post! It was very cool and compelling (and stylish too!) keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Innovative ideas!

  2. My mother’s silk scarves! When she died in 1996, my father gave me all her very old silk scarves that she wore in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s when women actually wore scarves around their heads; more often than not she wore them when riding in open cars. I knew I would not wear them like that ever, so I decided to hang them from the brass bed; for years the colorful scarves swayed in the Merida breezes around the vertical pillars of the spectacular antique brass bed my parents brought me from Indonesia in the 1970s. Sadly they got worn out and started to crumble, so I have taken them down and folded them away into a box for safekeeping. But for years as her scarves floated around my bed I was able to imagine them flying behind her as she sped down some road with the man of the moment!

    1. Oh Juanita! Sigh! What a beautiful story you have shared with us. The image of your mother’s scarves in the breeze. Btw, that’s another source for pillows: scarves. A silk pillow? Yes please!

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