Feeling fat: an update

⟡ Dieting in public?  Not advisable ⟡

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to update you on my “journey” with the nutritionist. (My own personal reality show!)  The kilos are dribbling off.  I feel so much more bright and energetic. Most importantly, within the first two weeks, my blood tests changed radically, with numbers dropping to good, healthy levels.

In addition to being well designed by the nutritionist, the diet gives me Saturday dinner and all day Sunday “free.”  So what do I eat on my free days?  Not what you think.  Not even what I thought I would.  I don’t go cray cray.  I find I don’t crave much.   Let’s take pizza, one of my favorites.  When I ate it on a free day, I felt sick afterwards. Which I guess is the point.

The free day goes a long way in making the weeks more pleasant.  And knowing I’ll be back on track Monday morning feels real good.

I must have good self esteem, because just like that lady above, I never felt fat.  I felt fine.  But now, after a month and seeing results,  I want it all off: now.  (That’s not going to happen.)

This isn’t a quick fix.  I give myself a year and that takes the pressure off.  Who needs pressure when you’re dieting? I’m not constantly thinking about my diet.  And every few weeks, I have a nice surprise on the scale.

Two culinary accomplishments as a result of this healthful eating:  I mastered the technique of the egg white omelette, which I make with fresh spinach, mushrooms and onions.  That doesn’t seem like a hardship, does it.  Secondly, I make a delightful fresh papaya and coconut milk smoothie– which is the most tropical taste I can imagine.  If this is dieting, I’ll take it.

More anon.  More always anon!

xo Liza

P.S.  If you see me eating ice cream…it must be Sunday!

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