The hot topic

This is the view from my third week of dengue, still in the house, on the couch. Surrender is the hot button on the internet, the “new” cure for all that ails you.   But it’s an age old, traditional Zen concept.  Some people say surrender, others say acceptance.  Surrender seems more active, there is movement, a letting go.  Whilst acceptance seems like sitting back, chilling. [Read more…]


Where I’ve been

It’s been a week since I have taken to my bed. I had a blood test yesterday to determine whether it’s dengue or chinkungunya. Whatever.  It all hurts.  It all means I’ll be having a tough time for weeks and when it’s over, I won’t be able to so much as sip a glass of wine for six months.  That brings me to May 2016.  Dengue compromises the liver. [Read more…]

This bottom of this lemlem beach coverup is now a pillow.

Ecological me

I was cleaning out my clothes closet.  Something I like to do on a regular basis. If you saw my closet, you wouldn’t think there would be anything to clean out.  I like to keep things spare. I pulled out four summer dresses.  (In Tropica it’s summer all year round.) They were in that difficult category of: they still fit and they’re in such good shape.  But they had played their part in my life and I knew I would no longer wear them. [Read more…]

⟡ A homeless friend ⟡

She’s college educated, well traveled, super smart, funny, sharp, sophisticated, well mannered. She’s talented, hard working, fun loving, sensitive, highly spiritual.  She’s a mother and a grandmother.  Presently she’s single, but she’s so charismatic, there are always men hovering around her. [Read more…]

©2015 Skye McAlpine  From My Dining Table

⟡ Lucky are you who live where you love and call it home. ⟡

In the old days you were born, lived and died pretty much in the same place. Then came air travel and with it: business trips, job mobility and vacations to far flung lands.  Suddenly the whole world is your oyster.  A job transfer and you’re living in Zurich.  A passionate vacation and you’re living in Tropica. [Read more…]

⟡ Dieting in public?  Not advisable ⟡

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to update you on my “journey” with the nutritionist. (My own personal reality show!)  The kilos are dribbling off.  I feel so much more bright and energetic. Most importantly, within the first two weeks, my blood tests changed radically, with numbers dropping to good, healthy levels. [Read more…]