Sweater weather fantasies

Light camel yumminess
“Sea salt” colored, long cardigan. By Eileen Fisher

⟡ Oh how I miss you! ⟡

As the days grow shorter and close in on us…I get all sorts of wistful.  Yes, there is an autumn in Tropica, but you have to live here a long time to feel and understand it. I grew up with traditional, northern climate Fall.   Memories of acorn fights, walking home after school, shuffling through gorgeous colored leaves.  Apples, pumpkins and brisk air which means: sweaters.

Here in Tropica, it’s T-shirts 365.  As a former chic New Yorker, (women used to check my style when I strode down Madison Ave. to my job at the ad agency) I love style and fashion, and one of the things I can’t do in Tropica is layer and wear scarves. Pooh.  That’s no fun at all.

You can imagine I’m getting all sorts of wistful as I look at all the fall clothing.

It's a poncho, it's a scarf, it's a couch throw. Eileen Fisher
It’s a poncho, it’s a scarf, it’s a couch throw. Eileen Fisher


So what is “fall” in Tropica?  The days grow shorter.  The nights get cooler: I can actually sleep under a sheet!  Fall means hurricane season.  We keep our fingers crossed.  There comes a moment, usually in October, when the deep humidity lifts and we can breathe again.

If I am lucky, I might be able to wear a pair of jeans and a long sleeve, cotton shirt.  If I’m lucky.  Otherwise, it’s linen, sleeveless or short sleeves.


Cream, grey and black. My idea of color. Eileen Fisher
Ivory, grey and black.  Sigh!  Eileen Fisher


Even though they are born and bred here, the Tropicans do complain about the heat.  And when a day miraculously appears when they need to wear a cotton sweater, they shiver and complain about the “cold.”

Just wanted to share a longing with you.  Hope you’ve enjoyed some of my fall fashion fantasy picks.  Do you have any longings or wishes you want to share with us?  Please do!  We’re all friends here.

xo Liza

P.S.  As a Tropican, I do have, however, a good collection of bathing suits and beach cover-ups.

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5 thoughts on “Sweater weather fantasies

  1. Fall for me means I can get out my jeans and other long pants. Oh, yes, and the sweaters. I usually go to the States for Thansgiving and typically buy one new sweater for the season. Last year I bought three…and didn’t really get to wear them as it was a warm winter last year. Sigh.

  2. Love sweater season…here in Frankfurt, the leaves are turning, the mornings are crisp and I’ve shifted my summer dresses. Of course, come April, I can’t wait to wear linen…

  3. Am in NJ at the moment, a 4 mile trip from where we grew up in Tenafly, and the central a/c is ON ! And no sweaters here! We are in the process of relocating to the mountains and lakes of New Hampshire, where sweaters and fleece rule the day, well, the days from Oct 1 till May something. Leaves are starting to turn here, but it is more due to dry weather this summer than heralding fall’s arrival. Flip flops and shirts for now. But as Eddard Stark says…”Winter is coming..”

    1. Thank you for taking us “into the moment” and down memory lane. Most people relocate to the sun, and you’re relocating to the cold and fresh. I wish we could learn more about why you chose New Hampshire. I know how beautiful it is up there! Good luck, and keep sharing your journey with us!

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