The soul of my house

This photo was taken years ago. The garden has since grown into a jungle.

⟡ Two couches ⟡

September has turned out to be a month of renewal.  I’m doing lots of home maintenance.  Boring, expensive stuff like having the roof waterproofed, water systems tuned up, garage door fixed, rusted ironwork refinished.  Ooph!

And then there’s the fun, expensive stuff.  A woodworker comes every day to scrape away the crackling polyurethane on my teak, verandah dining table. (It’s not in this photo because I’ve changed things around.) He doesn’t understand my aesthetic when I tell him to leave it natural for the distressed, minimal look.

The teak table needs new fabric on the chair cushions.  I went to see my favorite upholsterer in Tropica.  The prices of the fabrics I liked made me gulp.  Then, as is my wont, I asked, “Do you have any unloved leftovers from other clients lying around, that you want to get rid of (i.e. cheaply)?” He pulled out a roll of Sunbrella print that made me wince: no way, not me, too seventies.  Barely a minute later, I realized it was the chicest fabric I have ever seen and that I never would have picked it out on my own.  Thrilled and, deal.

Now we come to the soul of the house.  My two couches.  They are where all the action happens.  Morning coffee. Afternoon tea. Cocktail time.  Visits with friends.  Movie watching.  Oscars, Grand Slams, Downton.  Reading books late into the night.  Phone calls to Zurich.  Celebrations.  Tears.  Birthdays.  Holidays. I actually live in my living room.

It was time to reupholster the two sofas.  After two cats and two dogs, after teenagers growing into adults…the white had become more shabby than chic.  After consulting with international style maven Jo Tutton, I chose a fresh, taupe linen.

The couches have been gone for a week and I am désolée!  The room looms empty.  I wander around like a cat who can’t find a comfortable cushion to curl up on.  I put some huge throw pillows on the floor, but no soap radio.  I call the upholsterer as if it’s a hospital.  “How are my sofas doing?”

“Next week, Senora,” the secretary says and reports exactly what is happening to them in the taller.  I think I might have a party when they return and I take up residence once again in the soul of the house.

xo Liza

P.S.  In September I also started up my yoga practice after a year off.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  I am proud to say I am the perennial beginner — which is a very yogic way of looking at yoga.

Hello my lovelies!  What has September brought to you?  Anything new or fresh?  Decorating triumphs or disasters? Please share with us below in the comments box.  When you write is when the fun begins.  It helps me out tremendously if you “like” or “share” this post via the clever buttons below.  And if you haven’t already, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.


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