⟡ Another tropical fantasy reality check. ⟡

Greetings from Tropica, where we’re in the midst of an epidemic. My daughter got it.  My maid got it. My maid’s children have it. All of her friends have it. Some of my students have it. The garage door repairman has it.  Many of my friends have it.  Everyone knows many people who have it.

It’s the reason so little is getting done in Tropica these days. Everyone’s home sick, really sick, with Chikungunya.

(Even Lindsay Lohan got it, back in January.)


Chikungunya is a mosquito transmitted virus that causes severe joint pain, muscle ache, fever, rash, headaches and lasts for a very long time. There is no cure.  You just collapse into bed, feel like absolute hell and moan.  You can take paracetamol but that’s about it.

Every time you think you feel better and get up, you get smacked down again.  It goes on for weeks. And no booze for six months afterwards because the liver is compromised.

One little mosquito bite.

I don’t know why I didn’t get it.  Knock big time on wood.

I wanted to share this real moment with you all.  Tropica is not all sunshine and margaritas.

Now please excuse me,  I’m going to spray on some more repellente.

xo Liza


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5 thoughts on “Chikungunya

  1. Get a mosquito net if you don’t have it already, and lie under the delightful,Out of Africa-ness of it. Burn citronella candles and continue to slather on the repellent, and stay inside during dusk and dawn, when those pesky critters are best able to fly and bite. Fingers crossed you stay healthy.

  2. We had something very similar when we lived in Mex. We were sick for sometime and I concur liver function was bad. Stay healthy! xx

  3. It’s nasty and debilitating but I don’t think anyone knows yet whether it will be as damaging, longterm, as the Lime disease which has reached epidémic proporcions in large áreas of the US, Europe and, I suppose, Canada. Hope not.

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