When reality bites (you)

⟡ Caribbean dystopia ⟡

Remember my last post, with the lovely photo of the blue Caribbean and my plan of a beautiful weekend? Well, this is what I found when I stepped onto the shoreline of Tulum. As well as Akumal, the Riviera Maya and Cancun.

After the fact I learn it’s the talk of the internet.  I didn’t do my homework and went blithely off to my Caribbean weekend.  The piles of sargasso are many feet high.  You can’t even dip a toe into the mucky water if you wanted to.  And you don’t want to.

The shoreline of Quintana Roo has been like this since January 2015, and no one knows why, or for how long or what will make it stop.  Sargasso from the Sargasso Sea  drifted over and is dumping itself on the once pristine shorelines of our dreams.   Global warming?  Human pollution?  Winds or currents?   Is the sea cleaning itself? The delicate dance of ecology is out of balance.

The tourism industry is mortified and doesn’t say a word.  (Which is why I blithely went off for my weekend.  The hotel didn’t say, “Do you know that you won’t be able to swim in the murky brown water?”) The livelihood of entire villages of hospitality workers, hotels, restaurants, and the economy of the southeast of Mexico is threatened.

I wasn’t mad — like some tourists are.  You simply can’t argue with Mother Nature.  Rather, I was sad for the beautiful Caribbean.

Jeanette and I made lemonade from the lemons.  During the day we drove around discovering pueblos, pretty bays and coconut groves.  We did a bit of shopping and some fine dining.  When things cooled down in the evening we joined everyone at our friendly eco hotel on the beach for the sunset.  We stayed on after dark to watch the star show.

This morning we set our alarms to get up in the dark.  In our pj’s we padded barefoot in the sand to sit on the beach and watch the magnificent sun peer over the water’s horizon, in awe of nature and its gifts.  A few sun salutations later, I was off in my car to return to my life, and Jeanette headed back to the airport to fly to Newark.

Reality bites all of us, every day in different ways.   A spoiled weekend is nothing.  I know so many people who have struggled or are struggling now with the inequities, the hardships, the challenges of reality.  You know who you are and I salute you.

xo Liza

P.S.  Just wanted to punch a hole in the fantasy of my last post.  I’ll always be honest with you.

P.P.S  For a huge dose of reality and inspiration,  wander on over to smiles and duct tape. This is the courageous story of a Mother who is trying to make sense of the reality of ALD.


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  1. Have been reading about this, doing research for my forthcoming trip to Merida and Yucatan…..was looking into going to Caye Caulker in Belize for a couple of days, but it is bad there as well. Hope is will stop soon. At least you were able to enjoy yourself. As you mentioned, it is really a serious problem for those depending on tourism all along the coast.

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