Beach in the chic season

⟡ Girlfriends Weekend ⟡

My high school friend, Jeanette, and I have decided that each September we will take an off season, few days at the beach.  Tulum! Airfares and hotels are considerably seriously lower. It’s too short to be a vacation.  Rather, its a beach summit.  A contemplation.  And pure fun.

We each will travel about four hours.  She will fly.  I will drive across the peninsula.  She will pack her suitcase with  treats (PG Tips) and clothes (Eileen Fisher) that I can’t buy in Tropica.  I will pack my car with bottles of wine and nibblies, a case of water, beach towels, sunscreen, repellant, for her.

For our girlfriend pause we’re staying at an eco resort, Coco Tulum.  We will sit on the beach and stare, float in the blue water and celebrate our friendship of 45 years.  We met at the corner of Highwood and Park St. and walked to and from high school every day.

Maybe you like to be where’s it happening, see and be seen.  I can enjoy that too.  But, what’s more exclusive than to go to the beach when you can have the pelicans to yourself?

I’d love to hear about your childhood friendships that you celebrate with rituals.  And, why don’t you come join us next year, at the beach in the chic season?  Bring your friends and celebrate with us.

Until then,

xo Liza


P.S.  Flossie!  I’ll lift a margarita to you, my hardworking friend!

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9 thoughts on “Beach in the chic season

  1. Hello Gorgeous gal, what an amazing thing to do. If I close my eyes tight I can see the deep turquoise seas and white sands. Oh how I miss Mexico, I love the Riviera and Tulum holds special memories. I hope you have the most wonderful trip and please please have a few margaritas for me xx

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