Going to the nutritionist

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⟡ Yes, I’m dieting lifestyle changing ⟡

It was time.  I had to do it.  I’m overweight.  Most importantly, my blood tests didn’t tell a good story.  The doctor said: off to the nutritionist with you. I dragged myself in there.  Shamed.  Defeated.  Resigned.

The weighing, the body fat determination, the blood tests.  I spoke.  He listened and then wrote out the diet for the first two weeks. Three meals and two snacks a day.  In other words:  doable.

After two weeks, I feel so much better.  It was high time for a tune up, a reeducation about food and portions, carbs, fats and sugars.  Our metabolisms change and we need to adjust.  We think we know it all, but in the end, we don’t.  Or we forget.

I’m feeling ever so much more alert and the weight is slipping off.  Nothing like holding a kilo bag of beans to get a grasp of what my body is losing each week.

Sunday is my “free” day.  That means I can eat what used to be “normal” for me.  Like… a sandwich!  Apparently, when you are une femme d’un certain age, a sandwich is not something you can eat everyday.  I find when Monday rolls around I am only too happy to get back to my régime.  Sounds so much better in French.

So that’s how my September started.  What about you?

xo Liza

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  1. This is awesome Liza! Way to take control. If you’re interested… I have an accountability group starting tomorrow. It’s free. We’re a bunch of positive women who motivate each other. We’re not following one specific program, but we all have personal health goals we’re trying to accomplish. If you’d like to join us, leave me your email! <3

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