“The self help buffet”

⟡ My former addiction! ⟡

What a pleasant surprise to find that my business coach, Marie Forleo, answered my question on her show this week. I was laughing at myself as Marie said to “step away from the self help buffet.” Yep, that was me…going back for seconds.  Now, I’m the coastest with the mostest.

I scroll my Twitter feed and advice comes from everywhere.  Top 10 villages in Europe.  How to save more $ for retirement.  Five secrets for better chocolate cake.  Things to do before you go to sleep. Pema Chodron’s advice on failure. Articles and listicles, all fascinating.

For me, it’s not merely a question of unsubscribing to emails and feeds, it’s about shutting off the device altogether. That’s hard. But when I do, I’m perfectly fine and life goes on.

One thing I try not to do on Camp Liza is tell people what to do.  I try, instead, to tell readers what I’m up to, what’s fun or interesting in my life. And if it resonates with you, and inspires you, that’s great.

Wishes for a happy Labor Day weekend to my readers in the U.S.!  Enjoy to the max!

xo  Liza

P.S.  Turn off your mobile/compu/Ipad but only after you leave your comment below.

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