Get lost!

⟡ In this palpable moment ⟡

This is a post for the last Friday of August 2015 known as “the dog days of August.”   Even here in Tropica, where it is summer all year long, the feeling is palpable. There is a sauvage, final pause as we say goodbye to summer.

It’s a super hot, sticky time of year in Tropica, always 100F or 40C  and I plan to spend this special weekend: lost.  Lost to time, books, daydreams.  To ordering clutter in the house and the garden.  Tropical gardens are always lush and enthusiastic, plotting to take you over if you don’t keep things in check.  I will float in the pool.  Watch movies.  Stay up late and read in a pool of light on my wonderful haven of a bed.

For me, the end of August is supercharged with the start of the U.S. Open Tennis championship, the last grand slam of the year.


I will be glued to the TV for many hours and into the night for the famous night matches where triumphs and derailments happen.  I can feel the slight chill in the New York air as I watch the spectators wearing sweaters.

Novak Djokovic during his first-round match on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

September is the start of a new year even when one’s been out of school for years.  Uh, make that decades. There’s the big fat September issue of Vogue — if I can get my hands on it in Tropica, which is a challenge… Grrr….


Expats around the world know that in order to get your favorite magazines, you have to drive to the airport and pay outrageous prices for long out of date issue.  Maybe I’ll find the September issue in…November?

September marks the debut of the industrious fall after a langourous summer.  Days will shorten. The holidays will threaten  beckon.

But not yet.  It’s still August.

xo Liza

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