Things I will never do again

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At a certain point in your life…it gets to be, how do I say this delicately…”too late.” My previous post was about the joy of doing things for the first time.  I’m tackling the opposite issue today.

If you are lucky enough to reach a certain age, not doing something ever again, is what you must make peace with.

When you are young, everything is possible, time stretches to eternity.  So, if you are a young reader (and I know you’re reading me!):  do whatever you want to do now, when you have the time to learn but most important, the physical capability.

I felt this loss keenly this past winter when I was on an alp in Engelberg, Switzerland.  As I switched gondolas and cable cars all the way to the top of Mt. Titlis, I watched the skiers enjoy their day of thrilling beauty and exercise.  I was overcome by a searing sadness as I understood that I would never again enjoy the swish swoosh of skiing.  I remembered the bracing feeling of snow wet cheeks, the exhilaration of a body in harmony with nature, the sounds of snow crunching and spraying, the physical challenges and triumphs as evidenced by the pleasant exhaustion at the end of the day.

Skischule, Titlis Gruppe; Ski School, Titlis, Group;
That’s me in the gondola


If you have to ask why I won’t ski again… old(er) knees and a bit of something in the hip.  Boring, I know, which is why I won’t even go there.

But! And there’s always a but!  I can enjoy being in the Alps, looking at the Alps, walking the Alps in summer.  I can partake of aprés ski life all day long.

Which led me to think what else will I never do?

I’m sure there are many things, because life is that big.  But off the cuff, I don’t think I’ll ever climb Mt. Everest, waterski or paddleboard.  I think my days of learning Mandarin or playing bridge have passed me by.  Why is it that bridge players love playing bridge but refuse to teach a beginner to play?

I think my window on learning golf is waning.  I’m just not that interested and I’d rather spend my time and money on travel than join a country club.

It’s what growing up has always been about:  making choices.

I can’t play tennis, but I can be the world’s expert tennis fan. I attend tournaments, in person and virtually.  Ice skating, too, might be hazardous.  So there too, I am the primo appreciative audience.

I don’t mean to sound like Debbie Downer, but information is power, and you need the information on your soul in order to navigate the beauty and wisdom of age.

The body starts limiting certain activities, but the mind, soul and heart are filled forever with endless possibilities.

xo  Liza

Hello my lovelies!  Is there anything you want to do that you haven’t tried yet?  Can you try it?  Or something you feel you have to give up?  Talk to us below. I’d love it if you like and share this post via the clever buttons below.  And if you haven’t already, enter your email above so you won’t miss a thing.

9 thoughts on “Things I will never do again

    1. just very lucky and I work unfashionably hard at it. Currently, at 63, the key seems to be to do different things every day, except yoga which is a constant, and have a trainer and a regular massage therapist. It isn’t pretty, it certainly isn’t cheap, but it works. Just finished a week of recovery from a 5 day 4 night backpacking trip in North Cascades Nat’l Park in Washington – old growth trees, and impressive (to me, not Liza!) rains. With the new lightweight technologies, our packs were about 28 pounds – and I didn’t lose an oz of body weight!

      1. As I said…you are amazing, Janny. The dedication and work you put into staying fit is extraordinary and almost a full time job. Thank you for showing us that it is as a result of hard work and desire and not just genes. Although genes do help!

  1. I joined your ranks a long time ago… more downhill skiing for me either….skated on the local skating rink ten years ago, the young male skaters scared me right out of the rink. However, cross-country skiing on something flat is fine, no longer in the mountains, however. Biking??? Lovely biking paths here, but taking out the bike is so complicated I hardly ever do it now. Tennis? Tried it years ago, too old to learn even then. Hiking is still wonderful, and will stay with that as long as I can. So, life is great, still loads of possibilities.

  2. I’ll teach you to play bridge–it’s never too late for that! Skiing passed me by in my 20s, but I love sitting in the lodge drinking cocoa.

  3. Lisa, if you’re teaching Bridge, I’m in! I haven’t played for years and would love to start from scratch again. Liza, you are speaking to me, loud and clear! Oh, I miss skiing but I’m going to learn to love knitting in lodge and watching my grandchildren ride the bumps. XO

  4. Liza, I am still downhill skiing, teaching grandchild #3, waiting for #2 to get big enough! I am, however, content with the intermediate trails at Stowe, no more of that “Good God! – Ok I will do it! ” craziness!
    Waterskiing is still in the “contemplating” stage, although I have done it, it has been a long time, and I try to employ a modicum of common sense daily. When I am in NH at the lake it is 36 stair steps to the water, and I probably do it 20 times a day, often more, and I think that helps the hip-that-haunts me. I am willing to temper some activity tho, in exchange for the insight and patience that I have acquired through the years. My husband Chuck and I just celebrated our 45th Anniversary, and every day is an adventure!
    There is a little sign in my kitchen that reminds me daily “it’s All Good”, and I believe it is.

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