When I’m 64

It was only a song…

I was in high school when I heard these words that have since become iconic.  64?  Impossible.  Not worth contemplating.

The years speed by, the years add up.  And suddenly, 64, turns out, is a fine place to be.

Wow!  Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday is always a day of gratitude and compassion.  Here’s to my Family and Friends, both here and departed. To pleasure.  Compassion. Intelligence. Goodness.  Sharing.  Peace. Love.  Calm.  Excitement.  Art.  Music.  Museums. Ballet.  Opera.  Theatre. Concerts.  Travel.  Travel. Travel.  To nature, history, vacations, university, hometown, adopted town. Places of the heart, in the heart, from Big Sky to Paris.

To my morning cup of hot tea on the verandah to my sundown cocktail and evening swim.

Here’s to all the miles I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met.

Here’s to all the books I’ve read and tennis matches I’ve played and watched. To yoga and bicycles.   Here’s to all the animals who have graced my life.

Here’s to all the fine wine, beer, whisky, margaritas, bloody marys, negronis I’ve enjoyed.  All the marvelous things I’ve cooked, and all the amazing restaurants and cafes that delight.

You, this, are all a part of me.

I celebrate me, I celebrate you.

xo Liza

P.S.  This is last year’s post on my birthday.


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4 thoughts on “When I’m 64

  1. Happy birthday Liza! When my husband turned 64 last year, I wrote in his card “Yes I’ll still need you, yes I’ll still feed you, when you’re 64″…hahaha…I bet all of us of a certain age quote or remember that song from our youth when we or people we know turn 64. A nice memory to share. By the way, I just listened to the song on the link you provided, and was delighted and intrigued by the very young-sounding vocals of Paul. There is a specific reason for that…read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_I%27m_Sixty-Four and enjoy your day!

  2. Happy birthday Liza! May you have a terrific birthday and an even more stellar year to follow. What a beautiful post and gladly still true, one year later.

  3. I still love you!

    This is my personal email address. Typed on the tiny keyboard of my tiny iPhone, so cut me a tiny bit of slack.


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