Tropical Dog Life

Can you hear my screams?

I googled "Dachshund eating a bat" and came up with no images.
I Googled “Dachshund eating a bat” and came up with no images.


This morning I was talking to DD in my bedroom when the maid ran in. “Come quickly! Lola (the dachsund) is eating a putrified bat!  I can’t get it out of her mouth!”

In earlier days I would have jumped into action. Now I sit back, defeated.  I’ve done my share of weird tropical shit over the years and no longer have the stomach. I don’t want to be the Mother in charge anymore.

Thank goodness my DD is of an age for me to say, “You handle it.”

I sit in the bedroom and after a few seconds decide maybe the situation needs Mama Me to supervise. Big mistake.  I go out to the terrace and see DD with the dachsie in between her legs as she is prying the dog’s mouth open.  She is yelling, “This is so disgusting! I don’t want to touch this!”

I’m nodding, yeah, that’s about right.  Then I start yelling at the dog.  (Big help.)

The maid stands with a plastic bag from Superama at the ready.  (Superama is our very modern supermarket — but the name sounds like something out of the Jetsons or the Flintstones) She holds the bag under the dachsie’s chin so that the minute she releases the dead bat it will drop into the bag.  But dachsie finds the putrid bat extremely tasty and doesn’t want to let go.

Finally, mission accomplished.   I shouldn’t have gone to watch. DD comes in disgusted, of course.

If no one had been there to help, I would have let the damn dog eat the damn rotten bat.

Tropica will always have some exotica  to deal with.  If its not a gila monster under the couch, its a dachsie eating a putrified bat. What’s next, what more is possible?  Plenty.

I called the vet and found out dachsie’s rabies shot had lapsed two years ago. (My how time flies.) “What was the shape of the bat’s face?” Only a tropical vet would ask that.  Apparently, certain species of bats have more things to be worried about.

“It’s very rare to see a dead bat,” the vet muses and I think, that’s true.  I only ever see live bats flitting across my pool when I swim at night, or flying through my living room so fast I think I must be imagining things.

After plenty of hand washing, DD says, “There was Lola, crunching on the bat’s wing, I could hear the crunch crunch crunch, as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.”

Palm trees, the oh so blue Caribbean, margaritas and siestas come at a price.

xo Liza


Hello my lovelies!  Hope you enjoyed today’s slice of Tropica.  I’m flying away today to experience the United States at July 4th.   Please stay cool as you enjoy your precious summer days.  As always, we love to read your comments below, and love it if you like or share this post with friends.  And, if you haven’t already, enter your email so you won’t miss a thing.

3 thoughts on “Tropical Dog Life

  1. Ha! The side of ‘paradise’ no tourists see. I sense you’ve checked out already Liza.! Have a fab vacay in the land of the star spangled banner…

  2. Oh my remind me not to get a dog while overseas… maybe just a cat to kill all the mice… or maybe neither. You must have built up a strong stomach to handle that. I only like bats when I watch them from afar, not being eaten. 🙂

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