Frappé nights

In other words:  summer



Summer greetings from Tropica!

I call summer Frappé Nights because drinking a fresh papaya frappé is one of my favorite ways to end a blistering day as I wait for the evening breeze to strike up.  The fanlike motion of the palm trees is nature’s air conditioning.

As it’s hot in Tropica all year long, summer is a state of mind. School lets out, people go away, traffic abates.  Town is quiet, like Paris in August.  Things slow down and we expect less of ourselves in summer, which is a welcome change indeed.

Mind you, summer is hotter than the rest of the year, the days are of course longer and the complicated rainy season is in swing.  The puffy clouded skies are dramatic the way they turn from white to grey to black, followed by a drenching of at least 15 minutes of rain.  If I am at home when the skies open up,  I stop whatever I am doing and sit on the terrace to rainwatch.  Then the sun comes out followed by steamy humidity and its best friend: mold.

I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks, so Camp Liza will be on hiatus, or maybe, when inspired, I’ll slip in a post here and there.

What I’ve been doing lately is undergoing a series of accupressure treatments, also known as reflexology, to solve what I thought was a hip problem, but turned out to be an adductor muscle issue. Bingo!  Relief!  I can walk again!

Close-up Of Person Receiving Shiatsu Treatment From Massager


Whilst I am an avid reader, having at least two books going at one time, I’ve also started listening to audio books.  The book below is going to be a big movie, so you might want to listen to it now and form your own pictures in your mind.   The audio book is particularly suspenseful, as three women read the characters, instead of the usual one voice.



Oh, how do you make a frappé Tropica style?  Into the blender with papaya, ice, a squeeze of lemon (play with the quantities until you find the consistency and flavor you like) and as much sugar as you want.  Blend until it’s slushy.

A book, a frappé…sounds like summer to me.

xo Liza

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you are all well as we slide into summer.  Will you be doing anything special or different this year? Please share your thoughts — and if any of you have any issues or things you’d like me to address in future posts, the comments box is waiting for you below.  Please like and share this post with your friends.  And if you haven’t already, enter your email so you won’t miss a thing. 


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