No. More. Guns.

In Memoriam

Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Cynthia Hurd
Susie Jackson
Ethel Lance
Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor
Hon. Rev. Clementa Pinckney
Tywanza Sanders
Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.
Myra Thompson

Slaughtered while they were praying in church.

Until the United States gets rid of its gun culture, and until Americans vote in severe gun control laws, they have no right to be “shocked” and “express dismay” at horrible murders like the Charleston, S.C. church slaying.

Guns + mentally ill people = death.

Guns + hateful people = death.

Simple math:  Guns=death



2 thoughts on “No. More. Guns.

  1. If the southern states can decide to lower the Confederate flag within a week of the massacre, why aren’t the gun laws receiving the same timely examination?

  2. I come from a community where hunting is part of the regular fall and early winter activities. My brothers slept in a room with a gun cabinet that had, well, several guns in it. Even as a young child i knew that cabinet was locked at all times and the ammunition was kept in another part of the house in a location safe from high temperatures. mice and other extraneous factors that could make the bullets go off. There were many other rules regarding the handling of those guns. Even though no member of my family ever considered pointing one of them at another human being and even though no schoolmate ever came to school with a gun to kill someone, I’m thinking times have, perhaps, changed and, in the light of all the carnage we should definitely consider making guns a lot less accessible to angry people. I’ve heard people say that the problem is the anger and not the guns. Well, I think the problem is the gun since that is the instrument of destruction and death. We can’t realistically keep all the crazies out of our churches and schools and movie theaters but we can do a lot to keep the guns out of their hands. Hence, NO MORE GUNS.

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