Have you thanked your team recently?

It takes a village team

serena team
Team Serena


…to do anything in life.

I’m a tennis fan, so I’ll use a tennis analogy.

Team Nadal
Team Nadal


When a player wins a Grand Slam, they always start their acceptance speech by thanking their team. Although they are out on the tennis court alone, it takes the team behind them to win.

Team Sharapova
Team Sharapova


A tennis player has a coach, a physiotherapist, a hitting partner, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, a manager, etc.  Same goes for us civilians.  We get by with the help lots of people.


Team Federer
Team Federer


So today, I’m thanking my team.  For getting me up and out every day, for helping me to be my best, and to succeed at the “journey” that is my life.

My family.  My friends.  My animals.  My dentist.  My doctors.   My hair stylist. My masseuse.  My facialist. My yoga teachers.   My plumber.  My electrician.   My business coach.  My tech advisor.  My car mechanic. My accountant. My lawyer.   My housekeeper.  My gardener.   My favorite clothing designers.  My web coach. The man at Santa Ana market who knows my juice order before I even sit down.  (Green with grapefuit) The secretary who smiles at me every time I walk into the gym.  YOU, my readers!

We are all champions.  Is there anyone special you’d like to shout out in the comments box below?

xo Liza

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One thought on “Have you thanked your team recently?

  1. What a great post – being thankful for all the people who make our lives run smoothly. Looking at your list made me think of my list – what a long list I have, too.Yes, it takes a village!

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