My Bathroom Library

What my guests are reading now…

Maus (1)

Right now, MAUS Vol. 1 and 2 are featured in my guest bathroom.  Because it is a book done in cartoon style, you can get a page or two in before washing your hands.

It’s a consciousness raising bathroom.  You leave educated, shocked, and chastened by this amazing book.  Please don’t tell me I’m degrading the Holocaust.  If anything I’m in service of it.  Most people don’t independently educate themselves on history, especially on something so dreadful.

Unlikely books in the bathroom are good.  I would have never met the Koran if I hadn’t seen it in my brother’s guest bathroom.  Books in the bathroom are a family thing.  It is my son who added Maus to the bathroom library.

The book below is well thumbed but never mentioned by guests who are in doubt or were never properly schooled about butter knives, fish forks and soup bowl tipping.  I accept their unspoken gratitude in the name of just trying to make the world a more civilized place.  (Don’t get me started on table manners.  That’s another post.)tiffanys-table-manners-f-16663-1d
This one’s a perennial fan favorite.

worstI especially like the entries:  How to jump from one moving car to another. And: How to jump from an apartment building into a dumpster.  Hey, you never know.

My guest bathroom is an oasis in my home.  Is it any surprise that it is a desirable destination? As in, “Let me just nip in and freshen up.”  The experience begins with an enameled sign on the door that I bought in Paris.


Ooh, a little foreign allure.   Next, you are greeted with finely scented, artisanal soap from my travels — currently, a Swiss goat milk lavender.  The fetching hand towel is a work of art, designed and embroidered by a local artist.  An overhead fan twirls to keep you refreshed. (This is the tropics.  Why should you be hot in a bathroom?)

Currently, there’s some artistic inspiration for my blocked artist friends

artistSomething for poets and cat lovers in one volume.


A little fashion is always de rigueur.

love loss

The key is  books that can be appreciated in a page or two.  My guests emerge fresh and inspired. How nice is that?

I pull ideas for Camp Liza from every aspect of my life.  See how interesting la vie quotidienne can be? Now, might you be inspired to add some books to your guest bathroom?

xo Liza

P.S.  NOT in favor of magazines in the bathroom.  Not…attractive.  Too…common. Somehow, depressing.

Hello my lovelies!  Let’s hear it for your bathroom best sellers.  Have some fun in the comment box below. Please like and share this post by clicking the clever buttons below.  And if you haven’t already, add your name to the  



10 thoughts on “My Bathroom Library

  1. Hilarious you are the perfect hostess … or at a minimum.. a bathroom hostess. If the books are too interesting, they may never want to come out. Or is that the intention? 🙂

    1. I find that sometimes people spend awhile in there…! Hard to put a good book down. My goal would be that a guest would learn something, be inspired and…go out and buy a book!

  2. Some of your posts express my thoughts so precisely that I feel incapable of commenting (on a scale from heart-stopping to ha-ha: letter to son, collecting of handbags). But this one — yes about the magazines! Why do we feel that way? Because good reading should be timeless and magazines are not by definition? Reminiscent of waiting rooms? Pages lose that nice paper feel right away? Who knows? But I agree!

    1. Awww…..we don’t shame at Camp Liza! Sorry if it sounded that way. Just expressed a little opinion. Real Simple is good bathroom reading — good ideas in a short time. LOVE YOU JESSE!!!!!! MUAH!!!!

  3. I’ve been thinking about the difference between books and magazines in the bathroom. Magazines seem like, “I’ve finished reading this so I’ll toss it in the bathroom.” Whereas books are curated. As in, “Oh, this would be an interesting little read for the bathroom…” It’s considered and generous. If in doubt, start with a volume of poetry. Always a nice touch.

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