My Jessica Fletcher life

Positivity, health, joy and engagement.


I thank my British friend, the lyric soprano Sally Bradshaw for inspiring me with Jessica Fletcher as a role model.

Jessica Fletcher was brought to life by Angela Lansbury in the American television series, Murder, She Wrote, which aired 1984 -1996.

Sally was drawn to the seamlessness and empowering message of Jessica’s life as we contemplated what our lives might be like as older women.

Jessica Fletcher lives in the charming seaside town of Cabot Cove, Maine where everyone knows and likes her.  She is a respectable widow with a lovely, well kept house.  She writes best selling crime novels.  For exercise she rides a bicycle, walks and gardens.  There are some grown children living somewhere as well as plenty of cousins, nieces, nephews when the plot need arises.

jessica riding

Jessica is always soigné.  You may not like her style, but she is always well coiffed and put together.  She never looks messy, is never lazy and her house is always clean.  She’s a baker and there’s always pie and coffee when someone rings her doorbell.

She knows how to make small talk.  She is a good thinker.  She is never bored, always busy with something.  She is a ready and easy traveler and always has the right wardrobe for whatever occasion. She’s not a complainer;  she just gets on with it and solves whatever needs solving, whether it is a murder or a leaky roof.

Most important for me:  she is fearless.

She lives alone and is never lonely.  She’s positive and fun loving. People like being with her.  She never feels out of place in social situations.  She can go to parties alone, travel alone, dine alone and always meets people along the way.

Because she writes best selling murder mysteries, Jessica has enough money (which she never talks about) to do whatever she wants.

She is content, hopeful and laughs a lot.  In other words, a fine role model.

Do you have any role model favorites of yours to share with us?  Desperate to hear, so start chatting below.

xo Liza


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