The K word

What’s with the bubble butt?


What am I not getting here?  Is this a generational thing?  Am I old because I think having a big butt is not such a great thing?

Apparently, what’s considered cool or beautiful in 2015 has left me behind. (ha ha)  Since when has so much junk in the trunk become desirable?

Most women, and men, if they have a big asset, well, they want to reduce it. Diet, exercise, liposuction.  Regardless of how it looks — you can’t fit into clothes.  Mostly, it’s not healthy to carry around all that fat.

Unless it is filler or implants you’re carrying around. But that can’t possibly be healthy either.

The K family has turned a propensity for their endomorphic bodies into an exaggeration, changing the norms of beauty.  The K solution for their round butts was…to make them bigger.  Now that’s a concept!

In the process they turned their bodies into cartoon characters:  booby and butty, big hair, big lips.


I know.  Feminists say we should not focus on body parts.

Hear ye, hear ye!  I will now enjoy my happy butt and believe it to be the coolest, chicest, sexiest most bootylicious in the world.  No longer will I consider myself fat or undesirable.  I’m hot, baby!

Hey K girls, how about making round bellies sexy too?

My DD laughs at my obsession with the K butts.  That’s what the K family wants –this out-of-control, famous for nothing family you can’t take your eyes off of, whilst they are laughing their way to the bank.

If you have a strong opinion either way, join in, via the comments box below.  Tell me I’m wrong, or I’m sad, or I’m crazy.  Whatever.

xo Liza

P.S.  Did you know there are apps you can download that will block any mention of the word K from all your devices?  That’s how prevalent the K word is, and how much this family has taken over the www.


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7 thoughts on “The K word

  1. I think a big butt is fine if that’s your natural butt. But (lots of buts here) to do some kind of implant, in other words to fake a big butt, is absurd. The women in these photos look ridiculous. But (haha) I’m also against fake faces and boobs.

    But (sorry) who is the K family? I’m obviously out of the loop here.

    1. Great commentary Juanita! K stands for Kardashian, as in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Huge cultural icons around the world. Bruce Jenner was married to Kris Kardashian. You got me to say the word, and I was trying not to. Because their name “breaks the internet” with usage. Google away.

  2. This “famous for nothing family” making a fortune is to be admired… They have changed the standards of so many things… even butts!!! And who are they? They are not even interesting! But still we are aware of them and their life… It’s kind of imposible not to see them (and their butts) everywhere.

  3. Well ass-wise it truly is a jolly and mischievous subversion to glorify a previous major source of shame. For that I give her all her due. And it does open the door for anyone to do the same. I am going to forward you a clip of a tv ad we have going at the moment which is remarkable…..


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