Go Bruce!

It’s what I shouted at the TV in 1976 as he competed to become the world’s greatest athlete.


It’s what I shout now as he transitions to being a woman.

bruce woman


Bruce Jenner’s transition has affected me more than I would have imagined.

At first I thought it was just some kink to generate publicity for “that” show. But as I teared up watching the now famous Diane Sawyer interview I got it.  I realized the huge emotional and psychological issues at stake not only for him and his family, but for me too.

He she he she he she he she.  We all have to rearrange our thinking, our emotions and our relation to him as he undertakes the biggest challenge of his life.

It is heartbreaking to acknowledge the life you live might not be the life you wanted.  In the corner of all of our lives is a life unlived, decisions not made, roads not taken.

When I think of the heartbreak and weight of Bruce’s secret, the shame he felt, and the cost of his solitude, it’s more than I can bear and my heart crashes open, raw.

At 65 years of age, he is displaying the same courage, grit and dedication as he did back in 1976.  To transition in public, as millions watch, is a feat braver and more challenging than any Decathlon because it’s a feat of the psyche and the heart.

I don’t claim to understand very much about the issues and ramifications of the outdated gender binary. But I’m willing to learn.  My DD has taught me that sexuality is a continuum and that we are all many shades of grey.

Bruce Jenner is teaching the world that the biggest bravery, the biggest challenge in life is being who you are.

My hero heroine.  A champion forever.   Godspeed!

xo Liza


Hello my lovelies.  I had a different post planned for today.  But after watching that show last night (in addition to the Mad Men finale) I am so boulversé that I had to write this one.  Please tell us what you think in the comments box below.  We’re all working through and wondering together. Please like or share this post. And if you haven’t already, enter your email so you won’t miss a thing.







3 thoughts on “Go Bruce!

  1. A beautiful post about someone who is very brave in seeking out who she really is. I applaud you in your support. People should be who they feel they are and others should never judge.

  2. I listened to a clever, warm, charming, heart-breaking video post by a young San Diegan a few weeks ago, already knowing that the presenter had committed suicide. Very sad. Felt as though I knew the young person, that’s how open the conversation was online. He (sometimes ‘she’) talked about “my pronouns” several times, that he had wanted “he/him/his”sometimes and “she/her/hers” sometimes. It was the first time I had seen how important that was. We should all get to be in control of our pronouns. Your column was great.

  3. Oh dear God! If you look at each of his eyes in turn, by covering up the other one, you can see that he is not a man and not a woman, but BOTH! He has got the conflict going on there in his face. Ouch!!!

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