I am Sally Draper

Bye Mad Men!  Thanks for the memories.


In case you didn’t watch the TV series Mad Men, Sally Draper is ad man, Don Draper’s daughter.

When she appeared in Season One, I found myself noticing her head band, her pajamas, her bedroom with its wall paper and sheer curtains.  I watched her eat the Birds Eye frozen string beans that her mom, Betty, defrosted for dinner.

The scene where she put a plastic bag over her head and her mother told her to “go play elsewhere” struck gold.  Can you imagine there was a time when children playing with plastic bags wasn’t considered lethal?

sally plastic

I can.

I looked up Sally’s fictional biography.  She was born in April 1954.  She graduated high school in 1971 and would be 61 today.

Perhaps she is a disenfranchised baby boomer who lost her fortune in the crash of 2008.  Today, she is wondering how she will make it to retirement because, in addition,  she was downsized from her job. She must be reinventing herself somewhere.

I was fascinated by Mad Men but it was not “easy watching.”  How unsettling to see the dark ages I was born into.  What is considered retro and cute by others was for me, stifling.

Yes, I had the black and white TV on which Sally watched The Three Stooges, as did I — that  large cabinet where you had to walk across the room to turn the dial in order to switch to one of the five channels.  Yes, the world was that sexist.  And we still haven’t come a long way baby.

Decades after Sterling Cooper,  I was a Mad Gal, a copywriter like Peggy Olsen.  The ad biz had definitely changed with consumer protection and liability laws.  (Don and Peggy didn’t have a legal department that parsed every word of copy they wrote.)  My years on Madison Ave. were the most formative and dazzling of my life, informing everything I would do ever after.  Advertising is not kind to its employees, but it is a great experience.

Watching Mad Men began to feel like work.  It was depressing, but mostly,  I couldn’t sleep at night as I tried to solve Don and Peggy’s creative challenges,  tossing and turning as I wrote headlines, tag lines and copy in my head.

What’s the point of this post?  A bit of nostalgia, a twinge of disgust, and an acknowledgement of the distance I’ve traveled to becoming a Snapchat woman with a blog, tweeting her way to connectivity. Loving  every minute of “the journey” on my own personal reality show.

xo Liza

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    Anyway, thanks for this special treat today!!

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