Being the oldest person in the gym

It just occurred to me…



…that I am the oldest person in the gym!

OMG as a young person would say.

We boomers turned gyms into the big industry it has become today and now I’m self conscious about stepping into one?

What will everyone there think of me?  Will they look at me walking (not running) on the treadmill and think:  give it up lady, what are you trying to accomplish here.  I answered that real fast: no one is thinking anything about me. Everyone is too self absorbed with themselves and plugged into their ipods.

The young are there for sleek bodies and sexual beauty.   I am fascinated by how they cannot take their eyes off themselves in the mirror.  They stare, transfixed at their image, either loving it or looking for fault, a centimeter of cellulite, a bulge, a wrinkle.   They look at themselves sideways, frontways, backwards. They observe themselves whilst they are pressing weights, pondering, evaluating their bodies with youthful obsession.

I don’t look in the mirror at all.  I know what I’ll see.  And I’m not interested.  I am at the gym with the obsession of health.  I am there to feel good about me and a mirror is not my friend.

When I went to sign up I thought I might be embarrassed.  The young woman who showed me around didn’t think anything about my desire to work out.   My first session with the personal trainer as he designed my routine went smoothly without a raised eyebrow.   It was all in my head.  In his eyes, I was an older person trying to stay fit and healthy.

At first I would go in the off hours.  But now I go in late afternoon when the gym is filled with young men and women pumping it out.  I love their energy and their yummy bodies.  My life perspective knows they are rife with insecurities and self doubt, asking themselves: am I attractive, will s/he notice me, am I lovable, do I love myself, who will love me?

My presence there should inspire them.  It should say, look, one day you will be me.  You will have a full and rich life and you will still be going to the gym.  It will be for a different result.  But you will get on the treadmill and start walking.

I leave the gym feeling really good.  Warm, flexible, strong.  Going to the gym doesn’t make me feel old, it makes me feel young.

So what’s your workout routine these days?

xo  Liza

P.S.  LOVE the copywriter, Dan Wieden of Wieden & Kennedy who tweaked, “Just Do It.”  Yeah man!

Hello my lovelies!  How are you feeling about your body and fitness these days?  Share with us what your routine or nonroutine is.  Give us advice.  Tell us your annoyances or your worries.  Your triumphs.  

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One thought on “Being the oldest person in the gym

  1. It is exactly what I have been thinking at the gym lately. And the mirror is no longer my friend too but crazily enough, when it should have been, it wasn’t then either!

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