What did you play as a child?

A little deja vu

Pixie, my first library patron.
Pixie, my first library patron.


There were two things I would play when left to my own devices.

The first was magazine editor/advertising copywriter, although I didn’t know those fancy words.

All I knew was that I loved my mother’s Ladies Home Journal and McCalls.  I studied the advertisements.  “Modess.  Because…”  Now what did that mean?  Margarine sticks and Pond’s cold cream bewitched me.  When my Mother was finished with the mags, I took scissors and glue and cut out pictures and words, creating my own magazine.

The second thing I played:  librarian.  My mother was a great reader and I used to accompany her to the public library.   It was prehistoric back then of course. I liked the card catalogue and the surety of finding a book in the stacks exactly where it was supposed to be.  I was hypnotized by the way the librarian would pull a card out of the back of the book, then put a freshly stamped due date card in the pocket.

Back home, my cool doll, Pixie, (with the pink platinum hair!) was my library customer.   I cut out squares of paper, wrote names of my books and stamped other little pieces of paper. “Hello.  How many books are you taking today?  Three?  Oh very nice.” Then I would begin the fun of shuffling pages and exchanging little papers, followed by the pleasing sound of closing books.

Why am I telling you this?

I had a career as an advertising copywriter.  And later, I founded the Merida English Library.

Anything in your childhood that presaged your life?  What about your kids or grand kids?  Now’s a lovely time to speak up in the comments box below.  We cherish your every word.

xo Liza

P.S.  How cool was my Mother to give me Pixie one Christmas morning?  A kookie looking, big personality doll that set the tone for a life lived creatively.


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2 thoughts on “What did you play as a child?

  1. I was a little librarian as well, with own books. I had more books than my friends (I only wanted books as gifts), and they would borrow them, so I numbered them, wrote number and title in one book, then the number and the borrowing friend’s name in another book, to keep track. We did not have a much of a library our little village, a small collection of books above the dentist office, with a voluntary teacher as the librarian every Tuesday evening..
    I played (very carefully) with my American doll, we had very little in Norway after the war, and toys were not really produced, so American relatives sent me a doll in a fancy blue dress that cried when turned over…..so WONDERFUL!

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