Women in the World!

Join me!

This video shows where I was last year at about this time.

What is Women in the World?

It’s an annual summit and a movement.  And my passion.

It’s being held at Lincoln Center in New York City, April 22-24, 2015.

But you can attend from your living room via live stream on your computer!

This year I’ll be hosting a viewing group in my home, sharing inspiring conversation and great snacks, of course!

What is Women in the World?

“Living news from global frontiers, where women are stirring it up and taking risks.”

“Women in the World is about liberating that strength and determination to reach our full potential—all of us.”

“Staging is fast paced with high impact video, accomplished moderators and discussion fired by fast breaking news.”

“The strength and determination of women, individual and collective, is the most under utilized resource on the planet.”

The program for April 22-24 2015 is here.  Women from around the world will discuss such topics such as: what lures young women to jihad.  Generation Katniss, a session exploring the 13-20 generation of girls and the world they live in.  An intimate conversation with Helen Mirren.  We’ll learn about Solar Grandmothers, India’s taboos, Jordan’s Tina Fey, and we’ll witness the story of a 21-year-old woman’s extremely dangerous escape from North Korea.  The “Mothers of Invention” series presents innovative women, such Doniece  Sandoval, creator of Lava Mae, roving bathing buses in San Francisco for the homeless and architect Tina Hovesplan,  creator of Cardborigami?, a collapsible shelter for war refugees.  Thought provoking and inspiring.

I encourage you to create a viewing circle in your home.  Just invite your fascinating friends over, bring your own snacks and “Lean In.”   If that’s not possible and your time is pinched, log on (I’ll provide the link in a future post) and catch some sessions by yourself.

xo  Liza P.S.  Please let us know if you’ll be watching — wherever you are.


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  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year since our mixed-signals episode. I’m STILL disappointed. Come back to NYC soon. Use my email address!

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