An Easter present

Love you Nigella!



I’m just back from my #adultspringbreak and have lots to tell you.

But as Easter is upon us, I wanted to share a beautiful cake with you while you still have time to bake.  Of course it’s easy!

Say hello to Nigella Lawson’s chocolate cloud cake.  A super light, flourless cake that makes everyone very happy.  All you need to know is when you take the cake out of the oven, it sinks down into itself.  Then you top it with the cream.  It has that artisanal, luxurious look we all love.

Nigella says this cake has become her Easter dessert and has adapted it by adding chocolate to the whipped cream and topping it with malted milk eggs.


I don’t know if she really makes it, but I certainly do. I keep the whipped cream natural, without chocolate, and top with pastel eggs.  So beautiful! Lucky my kidlings and our guests.

The recipe can be found here and here.

Wishes for a Happy Easter everyone!  Back next week with more inspiring words and information for our beautiful lives.

xo Liza


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6 thoughts on “An Easter present

  1. Definitely will share this recipe. Flourless means gluten free and that’s important in our family. I haven’t made it yet but will soon. I’m already thinking of great stuff to put in that middle part besides Easter egg-lets.

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