On the road again

I’m taking you with me


Lindt bunnies everywhere I look means spring in Switzerland.

Every year at this time I visit my brother and his family. Zurich is a second home to me now.  I have my favorite trams. This is the Forchbahn that takes me from downtown Zurich to my brother’s flat in a nearby village.



I always enjoy my walks on the Zurichhorn. That’s the lake walk.  Fresh spring mountain air.



There are shop keepers who know my name. Looq Designermode here I come!



I love the Swiss obsession with schokolade. Long aisles in the grocery filled with bars and treats of every persuasion.

supermarket chocolade


In fact, everywhere I look there is a chocolate shop. If you are Swiss, you eat 11.9 kilos of chocolate per year.  And they are all skinny as can be!  It’s all the fondue that keeps them thin.



At this time of year, I  appreciate hübsch and schön Blümen.

swiss flowers


I have developed great fondness of the Swiss national drink, Rivella, a  soda made from milk whey and apparently, oh so good for you.


Can’t forget my Swiss national bread.  It’s Burli, hard as nails peasant bread, like the kind Heidi ate.



It’s quite a journey for this Tropical Gal.  From sea level and 100F (39C) steamy weather…to riding a gondola in the frosty alps.

titlisI’ve pulled out my down vest and cashmere sweater. Dusted off my German. If you need a refresher about how to pack light…here it is.

See you across the pond!

xo Liza


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One thought on “On the road again

  1. While it’s not an annual visit, my bothers and sister and I started having mini-reunions more or less every other year, when we realized that, after our father died, we rarely saw each other. The 2015 version is in the planning stages for late May in Maryland. Attendance varies from a dozen to a crowd, depending on which cousins, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews can attend. Now there are great-great nieces and nephews in the mix, too. Whew! We’ve created some special memories and have managed to stay connected with the new generations, too. Not a small feat, considering we live in places as far-flung as Amsterdam, the Cascade Mountains of Washington State and Yucatan.

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