The Sisterhood of the Tiffany Ring

Do you have a tribe?

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany Doughnut Ring


One day a few years ago, it occurred to me and my high school friend Jeanette, that we had been friends for longer than either of us had been married.  (40+ years of friendship vs. 20 years of marriage) Both divorced now, our engagement and wedding rings had been locked away or refashioned.

“We must do something to symbolize our friendship,” I declared.  “I mean, this is big and cool and we… deserve a ring!”

We went to Tiffany and looked at every sterling silver ring in stock.  “We’re high school friends and want to buy a ring,” we told the sales associate.  She assumed we were lesbians on our way to the altar.

As I live thousands of miles away from Jeanette and was in town only for 48 hours, we had to find a ring that had our different sizes in stock right then and there.   We looked at all sorts of interesting designs and by default ended up with the simple Elsa Peretti Doughnut ring.

We had wanted something a bit more fanciful but realized this was an evocative  ring we could wear forever.  In addition to its stylish heft,  the subtle design made people actually look and look again at it and our hands.  It called attention to itself with its”je ne sais quoi” attitude that made it Elsa Peretti cool.  Which is what she does.  Smooth, subtle, cool.

I wear my ring in Mexico.  Jeanette wears her ring in New Jersey.  My cousin Maia wears hers in Chicago.  When one of us has a friend who is special or worthy, she is invited to join our tribe.  Buy the Doughnut ring and you’re in.

Make your meanings.  Be your meanings.  Put a little zhuzh in your life!

xo  Liza


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