My Crafty Life

What’s your poison?



I started knitting in high school when my friend Jeanette inspired me to knit a sweater for my boyfriend. I knit through college.

Then I went through a pottery phase and made mugs, bowls and tea pots. Then I needle pointed, quilted, and now I’m back to knitting again.

Yarn is seductive and sensual.  The colors, the textures, the combinations.   It is a delicious addiction.  When I go into a yarn shop, wherever I am around the world, I get a sweet brain rush.  Whatever your hobby is, you know what I’m talking about.

I love knitting during TV commercials.  In a waiting room.  On the train and plane.  Knitting gets my mind thinking and dreaming.  Doing something with my hands is what makes me feel well rounded, connected.  It’s my daily meditation.

A gift of something knit is a gift of love and time.  Knitting is caring.


Crochet will be my next world to conquer.


Lots of oh so chic projects waiting for me ahead.

What’s your crafty life?

xo Liza


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