My take on “Girls”

Girls are the solution



I’ve been talking about world problems lately.  Now, I’m turning my attention to solutions.

The first thing is to learn a few things.  Get acquainted with the issues and what you can do about them at  The Girl Effect.

Here’s another misconception about Girls.  This is so painful to watch.


What a simple thing to do.  Changing your language can change lives.  And it won’t cost you a cent.  You can learn more about this movement that is sponsored by Always.

You were once a girl.  Think about it.

I love my dearly departed Mother, but here’s what happened.  My Mother didn’t think I should go to college.  She wasn’t college educated.  Today, women outnumber men in law schools.  But not back then.

My father insisted on college.  I graduated George Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree, Phi Beta Kappa.  I earned an MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Management.  I’ve published novels and short stories, I had a career in advertising, I raised a family, I built my own home.  And now I’m writing to you.

It’s in everyone’s interest to talk and think about Girls.  After all, they’re more than 50% of the population.

xo  Liza


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