Have I had sex for the last time?

Yikes.  That sure got your attention.



Are you cringing?  Curious?  I have no answers.  I’m just posing the questions.

Lots of questions.

Throughout most of your life the question is phrased a little differently.  It is “Will I ever have sex again?” (Married folks know what I’m talking about 🙂 )  Teenagers and adults of all ages wonder this all the time.

But when you get a certain age, the question takes on a different slant.

The answer:  you never know.  I read articles about oldsters in care homes “doing it.”  God bless them.  If that’s your hunger, feed it.

My bottom line:   Sexuality has to stop meaning:  “doing it,” and start meaning the essence of your life.

Starting in adolescence begins the pressure, to at all times, be sexual and be  sexually active/sated. This continues….until what age?  Are we supposed to appear sexual and sexually fulfilled until the moment we take our last breath?

This is exhausting and full of pressure, and who needs pressure?

Marilyn looks mighty fun and fine in the photo above.  But a woman of 75 in that pose?  I don’t think so.

How does an older woman express her sexuality?

And, where does your sexuality go when the hormones have slipped away?

Appealing to the opposite (or same) sex is no longer about instantaneous, animal attraction. Sexual attraction for older women is merged into their very being, in gesture and thought, through the brain, eyes, smell.

More questions.  What role does sex and your sexuality play in your older life?  Why do we still have to make sexual innuendos and smirks to show we’re still in “the game.”

Won’t you post your comments, questions, thoughts below?  I hope so.  (I didn’t get comments when I posted about grey hair, but I sure got a lot of private messages!)  I’m putting the topic out there for consideration.  What you do or think is what’s beautiful.

Sending the love your way.

xo Liza


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4 thoughts on “Have I had sex for the last time?

  1. To answer my own question: I have no idea. I’m getting lots of PM’s on this one, friends. Keep on writing and thinking! Share this post with your friends and see what they think. xo

  2. I wish I’d stopped at my penultimate encounter. Instead I went for one more tryst – a disaster. Disappointing when a 66 year old man still has not figured out that he’d get a better ride if the horse was happy. I knew then that it would be my last. Good thing was it confirmed and made me admit to the fact that I can “do it” better myself with a lot less anxiety.

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