Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

The rituals of life



I love how rituals punctuate my seasons.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. It began as a pagan rite and then religion stepped in with Lent and Ash Wednesday as its defining parameters.

 In England, they call it Pancake Day, the objective being to use up all the butter, cream, sugar before the fasting begins on Ash Wednesday, and to prepare for meatless living.

In Russia, the season is called Maslinitza, meaning, butter.  Blini topped with melted butter and sour cream, caviar and other toppings is tradition.  All to enjoy the butter before it disappears for severe, contemplative, fasting Lent.

And the French have Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, again, referring to:  fill up now folks, because lean times are a comin’.

In my home, I always have pancake supper on Shrove Tuesday.  It’s fun and everyone loves it. Easy entertaining and another reason for a gathering of loved ones — as if you needed a reason.

I hope this post inspired you about what to cook, either for Shrove Tuesday, or any night of the week.  Because breakfast for dinner is my idea of a good (and easy) (and comforting) time.

xo Liza

P.S.  Right now, the Internet, our favorite virtual cookbook, is positively bursting with pancake recipes and ideas for toppings, sweet and savoury.  Jamie Oliver has some beauties.


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