Raise your hand if Valentine’s Day

Makes you feel like crap bad…

broken heart
My DD is going to a Broken Hearts party. How cool is the younger gen? Muy.


If you have a lover or a beloved, you probably like Valentine’s Day.  It’s a good day for feeling smug.  But only if s/he gives you a card or flowers, or dinner or chocolates or a diamond. If they forget:  not a good day.

If you don’t have a lover or a beloved, Valentine’s Day makes you feel like a loser.  You feel less than.   And who needs that shit?   Not a good day.

And yet, every year we go through the same feelings of triumph or desolation.

My Mother used to pooh pooh Valentine’s Day.  “It’s a merchant’s holiday.” She was right.  A sales opportunity to pick up the lull between Christmas and Mother’s Day (another merchant’s holiday).

I do not have a beloved in my life.  But I have lots of love.  I accept and give love in whatever form it comes.  A smile is everything.


How about loving yourself for a start.  Being gentle with yourself.  Treating yourself.  You are the best Valentine you could ever hope for.

If you do find yourself feeling unloved, unappreciated, overwhelmed with life, loss, or lack:  stop.  You have a Valentine.  ME.  I’ll definitely be your Valentine.  Will you be mine?

Here’s a bouquet for both of us to seal the deal.


xo  Liza

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11 thoughts on “Raise your hand if Valentine’s Day

  1. After living in Mexico for so long, where Valentine’s Day celebrates lovers AND friends, I find myself thinking more about my friends as the day nears. My different chat groups with Mexican ladies is abuzz with good wishes and messages about friendship. Happy Valentines Day to you, my friend, Elizabeth!

  2. First of all, I want to wish all my friends and family a Happy Valentine’s Day, just in case no one else remembered to do so. I personally like the “tone” of Valentine’s Day in Mexico where it is referred to as “Día de la Amistad”, i.e. Friendship Day. More friendship and less corny, often overdone mushiness, although, of course, tomorrow every street corner will be brimming over with vendors selling slightly wilted roses of every shade. In our family, we do not go for the commercial rush of having to force some kind of phony celebration. We try to love and appreciate each other every day of the year. That said, I do remember fondly as a child looking forward to finding a small heart-shaped box of Whitman’s chocolates set by my place at the breakfast table every Feb 14.

  3. I remember last year I sent a Happy Valentine’s Day wish to my friend in Halifax. She is a widow and misses her late husband terribly even after 13 years, and I wanted to be sure she would not think I was being insensitive, so I wrote in the subject line the translation of what we call the day in Mexico: Happy Day of Love and Friendship. She responded that she had never looked at it that way; the rest of her friends know better than to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day. We definitely got this one right in Mexico! No one has to feel left out 🙂

    1. Juanita, I love your story. Reaching out to someone who may be lonely or bereft is a fine use of Valentine’s Day. Making someone feel special and loved..is everything. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Valentines is overrated. If your beloved waits for one day to tell you what you mean to them, maybe you aren’t so beloved. I tell those I love how I feel all the time. But that’s me. Happy Valentines to all!

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