My 50 shades of grey


Several years ago, then 14 year old Tavi Gevinson, the Rookie blogger, dyed her hair grey for fun.
Rookie blogger Tavi Gevinson, several years ago, at age 14,  colored her hair grey for fashion.


My Mother colored her hair until she was 80, then stopped.  Overnight, she became an old woman.  It was jarring.

That’s what made me decide to have a youthful face with grey hair and grow into my age that way. So I colored my hair until 50 and then stopped.

Why even call it grey hair?  Why not “natural hair?”  Because that’s what it is.  Your natural hair.

I did not like being a slave to the salon every three weeks. I got tired of the tyranny of “roots,” as if they were a demon to be exorcised. The maneuvering before a trip, how I would calculate when my roots would show.

When I stopped coloring my hair,  the dry and brittle texture disappeared.  My teenage, baby soft, shiny wonderfulness appeared.   I am so happy not to spend all the time and money it takes to maintain a fiction.

“I wish I had hair like yours,” women say to me.  Sometimes they ask, “Where do you get your hair colored?”  It looks as if I pay a fortune for the effect.  “All natural,” I say.

They sigh, afraid of what their grey might look like, and how they would feel about themselves.  There is no one answer.  It’s a plunge we all take, or don’t, at some moment.  Like cosmetic surgery, its a personal decision.  Do whatever makes you feel good.

One tip.  If you wear makeup and let your hair go natural,  go to your favorite brand and have a new look created for you, because changing hair color changes your complexion.

Just wanted to share my story.  I have a date with a photographer and will post a pic of me real soon. Unretouched, I promise you!

xo Liza


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4 thoughts on “My 50 shades of grey

  1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Both my daughter and hair cutter are talking “baño de color”…like, “qué color???? When I have people ask if my grey are highlights…

  2. Great post. I refuse to color my hair. I don’t have time and I avoid putting anything down the drain I wouldn’t eat. I’m pretty sure there’s no hair dye out there that qualifies as food. Even if there was, it would still be time consuming to apply and maintain.

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