Okay, scarves

Ode to le carré

Hey that's my scarf Charlotte Gainsburg is using for a bundle
Hey!  That’s my scarf Charlotte Gainsbourg is bundling.


Awhile ago, I shared with you how I decluttered my collection of handbags

…And then I told you about the life changing magic of “tidying up” and how I feel terrific with a downscaled wardrobe, kitchen, bookshelves, linen and file cabinets.

But, as I am totally honest with you, I must confess to my passion for scarves.

The humble scarf combines the two qualities I value in an object:  beauty and function.  It is an artfully designed, multifunctional piece of cloth that takes up no space (especially in suitcases).  It can be used for warmth or adornment, worn on your head, around your neck in all sorts of creative ways, used as a shawl or pareo, yes, even as a tablecloth or an accessory draped over my bedroom love seat. I keep a pile of folded shawls on the bench at the end of my bed and enjoy grabbing one each morning as I flitter to the kitchen to make my morning tea.

Year ago when I was in the hospital with pneumonia, I draped over my shoulders an Hermes cashmere shawl that encouraged me to feel as if I were in a spa instead of in my blue and white  hospital gown, ingesting huge amounts of neon chemicals.

I wear very simple clothes, mostly in black, grey and white, so my scarves do all the work.

Just want to share one of my favorite scarves with you, by Faliero Sarti. (Their website is a lot of fun) Let’s hear it for those crazy Italians with their passion for evocative, artisanal work.  First photo is the flat version and then how it looks when worn.

Faliero Sarti fish scarf
Faliero Sarti fish scarf

fish scarfWhen I recently did my “tidy up” of my scarf drawers (yes, plural)  I can report that every scarf I own gives me joy, which is the criteria of whether to save or give away, so I didn’t edit them as much as I did with everything else.   That’s okay with me.

Are you a scarf person?  What’s your favorite?  How many scarves do you own?

(Ha ha, I’m not telling!)

xo Liza


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