Things my mother promised me

Saved by the electric kettle…


This is not meant to be a negative post.  The title is tongue in cheek chic. Read on!

When my mother was in her advanced years, she would “tsk tsk” over one of the various indignities she was experiencing at the moment. It could be the garden hose she had left running for hours.  Or the iron she forgot to turn off. Or the heavy grocery bag she couldn’t carry.

“You’ll see…” she said, not as a threat, but with a sigh.

I shook it off.  That’s you, I’m me. I was sure things would be different for me. I felt so clearheaded and in touch.

So today, I want to formally acknowledge my darling, departed Mother.  These are the things she promised me that have indeed come true.

Sleep is serendipitous.

Heavy grocery bags.  That’s now me pumping machines at the gym for upper body strength.

Short term memory: compromised.  All this “it was just on the tip of my tongue.”  I forget unimportant things like names of movie stars, movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, more often.

The ease of gaining weight and the difficulty of losing it.

That adult children = adult problems.  I try to help, but only if asked, and all I can do is watch.  Ouch!

Achy bones.  Pass the glucosamine.

Leaving the pool running until it flows over, the eggs hard boiling until the water is gone, the tea kettle bubbling long past due. I can’t believe this is me! Thank God for my marvelous English tea kettle that turns itself off.

I feel closer to my Mother now, more than ever. Her spirit guides me as I carry on with her grace.

What about you and your Mother?  Any memories to share?

xo Liza

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One thought on “Things my mother promised me

  1. I just love your column. Always a bright moment in my day. (And yes, p.s., our mothers were often right!) Grrrrrr.

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