10 things you don’t know about me

We all have things we don’t mention…


Cheeky.  Why would you want to know things about me?

The point isn’t so you can get to know me better.  It’s to inspire you to make a list about you, for yourself, and yes, to share with others.  Sort of like “outing” yourself.

It is an interesting thought:  what are ten things I don’t know about you?

Here’s my list

1.  If I could do it all over again:   I’d be a country & western fiddler.

2.  I am addicted to:   black licorice.

3.  I have never:  been sent flowers by a man.  Or does my uncle count?

4.  I am:   a Phi Beta Kappa.

5.  I am afraid of:  the sea.

6.  I adore:  ambient noise.  Wind, buses, car horns, voices, waves, construction, birds, rain.  The sound of life at a distance.  Soothes and excites me.  Makes me feel connected.

7.  My favorite meal: breakfast. Which makes my favorite time of day:  morning.

8.  Sweet or savoury?  Savoury!  My idea of a good breakfast is would be a sliced tomato on toast with lots of salt and pepper.

9. Everyday I MUST:  write.

10.  One thing I’m always working on:  All joy, all the time.

Get busy my friends.  Post your ten things below. Make up your own categories.  Be free.   We all want to know more about you.

Wishes for a happy weekend.

xo Liza


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2 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about me

  1. 1. I love playing the violin- even though I’m not very good.
    2. I don’t own a TV
    3. I love watching a stormy sky
    4. I miss my Mom and Sis
    5. I can read a book for an entire day
    6. Wine makes me happy
    7. I love sketching and dabbling with water colors outdoors and everything else about “living” outdoors while tent camping
    8. I don’t miss working at all
    9. I’m finally embracing the fact that I’m an introvert…and that it’s okay to be one.
    10. I wish I didn’t find foreign travel stressful.

    1. Impressed with the no tv. Wow. And I love that you say you don’t miss working at all. That’s refreshing. People feel either guilty for not working or they say they want to work forever. And here’s to introverts! I’m one too! Thank you for telling us 10 things we didn’t know about you!

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