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hot toddy

Just got off an airplane and as usual, I caught a nasty cold.  Checking my supplies so I can hunker down.

Vit C, Riccola drops, cold meds, Vicks Vaporub (so old fashioned I love it) tissues, OJ, chicken soup.  And dont forget the whiskey!

If you have never made yourself a hot toddy whilst suffering a terrible cold, you are in for a revelation. I think it’s a Brit thing.

Just like chicken soup is comforting when you’re sick — the broth, the fumes, the heat — so is a hot toddy, with the added benefit of making you the slightest bit drowsy so you can doze off the misery.

It’s also a good light tipple if you just can’t sleep and want to be cozy in bed.  It relaxes you but doesn’t get you smashed. You can also heat up a mug of milk and slip in a shot of whisky.

The basic recipe for a hot toddy  is from my British darling, Sally: Put the kettle on and boil the h20.  A shot of whisky or brandy into the waiting mug.  A good squeeze of fresh lemon and a spoonful of honey.   Add the hot h20 and stir.  If you want to get fancy, add the cinnamon stick or cloves, etc.

If you dabble in mixology, here are some more recipes, collected at Food 52.  Read these before you get a cold so you can have the ingreds on hand.

Stay healthy my lovelies!  What are your fave cold remedies and rituals? Do tell!

xo Liza

P.S.  I understand there is a blizzard blowing in northern climes.  Good time for a toddy.

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  1. For a good daytime pick me up when you are nursing a cold, try strong black tea with lots of lemon and honey!

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