How did you sleep?

Serendipitous sleeping


When I was young and our relatives would stay overnight at our home, the first thing they would say when I appeared in the kitchen was, “Good morning.  How did you sleep?”

What kind of question was that?  Fine of course.

Except now, not.

I was a champion sleeper.   In college I prided myself on being able to sleep in a triple dorm room with room mates reading, lights blazing, music playing, phone ringing, homework rustling.  As a young mother I would fall into bed and wake up solidly eight hours later.

Imagine my surprise when one day, sleep became…elusive.  Either I would be tired and unable to sleep  or I would fall asleep and wake up totally refreshed at three a.m.  Yep, that’s insomnia.

Very quickly, I decided to make insomnia my friend.   I was not going to let sleep become an issue for the rest of my life.  I vowed not to fret or complain.

I decided I wouldn’t call it insomnia, rather:  “serendipitous sleeping.”  Serendipity means fortunate happenstance, a pleasant surprise.

When I awake in the middle of the night, I say, oh goody, now I have a few hours to read, or write in my journal, send emails or play Candy Crush Soda.  I meditate.  I make lists — of things to do, to throw out, to clean up, grocery lists, fantasy lists, gift lifts.  I cruise the internet, do research online, of places I’d like to visit or things I’d always wondered about.  I visit Coursera and take an online class.  I make myself a cup milky hot decaf tea with honey simply because it is comforting.  I have been known to breakfast in bed at 4 in the morning.  Hey, it’s a party.

It helps if you are your own boss and you don’t have to be in the office by eight.  Which I am.  I either sleep later in the morning, or take a delicious power nap in the afternoon.

People associate naps with laziness.  They love to say, “I never take naps.”  Now it is decided that naps boost productivity, that sleep helps you lose weight, is the best beauty treatment you could ever have.  I cherish sleep.  But I won’t fight for it.  I let sleep take me when it can.

What about you, my lovelies?  Tell me about your sleep, the good, the bad and the serendipitous.

xo Liza


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6 thoughts on “How did you sleep?

  1. I was also having problems sleeping. . .waking up in the middle of the night for several hours at a time. This really began taking its toll when it started to become a nightly occurrence. Then I discovered Sara Gottfried and her detox challenge. With Sara I learned that sleep disturbances can be caused by hormonal imbalances, specifically cortisol levels, that spike in the middle of the night. After doing her detox program, I am happy to say that I am back to my 8 hours a night of deep restorative sleep. I know, sounds like an ad for Gottfried. . .but it worked for me!

  2. Sadly being perimenopausal (or menopausal, which is closer to the truth) and having a snoring husband combine to make sleep a challenge. With my office expecting me at 8, i am a big fan of secret naps on jmy office sofa.

  3. I do like your term “serendipitous sleep”, although I have always been such a sound sleeper, only occasionally have I had anything remotely near insomnia. Of course, any type of serious drama going on in my life will shorten the night right away, eiher making it hard to settle in or making my inner alarm go off at 3am. Sometimes I do have to be somewhere important by 8am so not sleeping the requisite hours creates a problem. Happily, such occurences are rare now. Mostly, I’m up by 7 and sound asleep by midnight. I used to requre the full 8 hours but it’s been a while now that 7 hours per night is plenty. Long ago I decided that being awake when most people are asleep adds extra hours of living to my time on Earth. And that delicious afternoon nap the day, well, that’s just an added perk.

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