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When I started Camp Liza I promised I would not tell you what you should do,  I would only tell you what I was doing.  We don’t need any “shoulds,” right?  So…

Reading is my passion and amongst all the fiction and nonfiction I read are  self help polishing books.  I’m always helping my self, but I prefer the idea of polishing.

These two books  might seem diametrically opposed, but they are both about the same thing:  empowerment and peace of mind.

If meditation has eluded you for all the usual reasons, this New York Times bestseller might be the thing you respond to.  You can learn about Sharon Salzberg  here. (But only if you want to!)

And Tony Robbins…well he is turning the financial services industry upside down with his smartly written book directed towards the average investor.

He starts by saying there are three things in life that make us miserable:  your body, your relationships and your money.  And whilst this book is mostly about how to manage money, it speaks to all three.

This is Tony’s first book in 20 years.  He was compelled to write it after interviewing the top financial wizards about their investment and money strategies.  He felt it was time for the average investor to stop operating in the dark and benefit from the insight of the most successful money managers in the world.

This book is a cogent guide to empowering myself to realize my financial potential and dreams.  And for those of you who are saying, well, you are XXty years old…  The reply is:  it is never too late to start.  It is never too late to learn something new.

When I’m finished with it, I would like my children to read it.  We educate our kids, look for the best colleges…but neglect teaching them how to manage money.

What are you reading these days?  Can you share your favorite self help polishing book with us?

xo  Liza

P.S.  The book I read before these two was “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt.  It was the best bad book I’ve read in a long time.


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5 thoughts on “Polishing my life

  1. The money book looks good and passing it on to the kids also a great idea.
    I think I agree about “Goldfinch”….. Loved hating it. If she’d stopped after the first 400 pages she would have had a chance.
    Reading “The Pickup” and liking it. Issues of race, social status in developing and developed countries and immigration explored.

  2. Just read Outpost by Christopher Hill, the Ambassador I worked for in Poland. Very funny, surprisingly, and an interesting description of diplomatic sausage making.

  3. Can’t believe how many people are reading or talking about GOLDFINCH. From my sister to my nieces to my friends. I personally can’t read long, long elaborate fiction; I lose interest too quickly and in addition, I’m a slow reader. I am much more of a non-fiction person. I find real life (memoirs, biographies, history) are more pleasurable to me. On that theme, I am currently reading The View from Castle Rock by Canadian writer Alice Munro. Not new but one I had had on my list for a while. I’m actually listening on tape (audible.com – such a glorious resource!) It is exquisite, Scottish accents and all (for some of the characters). I may be more engrossed in this story of a big Scottish family, and their immigration to Canada, due to my own family history similarities, but in general, she is great at painting pictures of the characters. I feel – even early in the book – that I know and can picture the people! Thanks for the tips on the books above. I will definitely look into both.

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