Attention must be paid*


I had a post all written for today.  But how can life go on “as normal” when such a tragic event is unfolding …without a moment, many moments to pause and reflect.

As women of the world, we are passionate about current events.  Compassion and intellect are what make us vital, connected, important and attractive.

Please don’t think, “this has nothing to do with my life.” It has everything to do with your life. Because it is happening in your life.

Read about this massacre.  Consider its implications.  See how it reverberates around the world. Listen and watch the pundits on the radio and telly.  Talk to your friends about it.  It is precisely the dialog on a personal level that makes the world a better, safer place.

#jesuischarlie  #jesuisahmed

xo Liza

*Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman

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One thought on “#jesuischarlie

  1. I agree. This has everything to do with all our lives. When any group of fanatics murders those who speak out against them, it is time to pay attention. You get to disagree with others’ ideas but you don’t get to take up arms against them. May the guilty parties be found and punished to the letter of the law!

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