On the agenda for today…

A touch of grace slows the race of time



I know, I know.  We all love our mobile phones and Google calendar.

But on my desk at home, I keep my agenda.  Yes, it is paper and it is “big.”  A new agenda at the start of every year is something I look forward to choosing. I eagerly consider, online, the options: Sierra Club, Unicef, Metropolitan Museum of Art, World Wildlife Fund, Audubon, et al.

I don’t carry it around with me when I go out, but rather, have it near me in the house.  It accompanies me when I’m on the phone,  the living room, at the dining table where I often work.  It becomes my companion.

There is something about seeing time the traditional way, as boxes and pages to flip through. The gracious act of physically writing and seeing what I think or need to remember.  I write phone numbers or passwords, recipes, wish lists, gift ideas. Dreams, reminders, memories.  I love seeing the pages empty and I love seeing them filled with my handwriting, marking the progress of my days.

It is my elegant personal assistant.  I might note the weather (“monsoon today”)  or what I need at the grocery, (“wax paper, sweet peas”).  I mark birthdays, jot names of books and movies.  A store in New York, a restaurant in Paris.  Where are you currently putting this information people?  Where?  In your mobile?  Can you find it?

My agenda is my yearbook.  Remember those?  At the end of the year,   I transfer any important numbers or information into the new agenda and begin again.

What about you?  Have you gone completely digital?  Or do you like to have a place to jot your daily notes?

xo Liza

P.S.  As you know, I’m a college coach and tutor.  When I was arranging the time of the next class, my college student pulled out his agenda and fountain pen and apologized.  “I’m old fashioned,” he said.   I was charmed that this young, hip mobile carrying student chose to keep his appointments this way. “Oh please,” I said, “no apology necessary.”


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3 thoughts on “On the agenda for today…

  1. Love this, Liza. I, too, look forward to my new paper planner each year. Now I buy the smaller version that fits in my small backpack I carry instead of a purse. Having retired last summer has shifted time/ schedules in unexpected ways. My planner is part of that journey. The previous years’ ( quite a few volumes by now!) pages serve as living history. Resisting Google calendar for 2015!

  2. I totally get this. I am a big i-Phone fan, use Siri to do stuff for me, etc. I was using the i-Phone calendar for 3 years. But I stopped. Now I have an old-fashioned agenda like you. I also like it for the reasons you mention…but from a more practical perspective too. When the little reminder beep went off on my i-Phone, I would look at it and say “oh yeah, today is Deb’s birthday”. And then forget. When I have my agenda open on my desk at work, with a full week in view, I don’t forget. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Happy new year!

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