What I learned at Christmas

Ideas for managing my hols next year…

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Mind you, I love Christmas. I complain about it and yet I love it every year.  But I’ve lived the same traditions for years now and it’s time for a change.

 It may not be a change forever, but at least, I need a break so that I can find my way back again.  A change in attitude.  I’m talking about me, not you.

1.  Go on vacation in December.  It’s an interminable month, all directed towards the impossible expectation of one day.  By the time the big day arrives I am weary.

This year my friend Katherine went on safari in Tanzania for the three weeks before Christmas.  I loved seeing her tranquil pictures of elephants,  watering holes, glamping and fine wines…whilst here, it was December as usual: Santas, lights, traffic, crowded stores, and the usual over the top ambiance encouraging consumerism. Katherine flew back on Dec. 22, giving her a few days to sleep off her jetlag and wrap a few safari gifts.

2.  Cookie baking tip.  Note to self for the future, when I’m not traveling in December:  Mix all the different cookie doughs on one afternoon.  Refrigerate.  Bake another day.  So much less tiring.  And once you start mixing, you’re into it.  Less mess, less cleanup. More fun.

3.  The perfect Christmas dessert.  After weeks of nibbles and parties the perfect dessert after Christmas dinner is, ta da…nothing.  A beautiful piece of fine chocolate hits the (full) spot.

4.  A stranger in a hotel…?!  Next year, not only will I travel in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but I might possibly be what I never thought I wanted to be:  a stranger in a hotel on Christmas Day.

I know, that if I’m in, say, Paris, next Christmas, I will look longingly at the women shopping for their feast at the traiteur, choosing cheese at the affineur.  I will walk the boulevards and look up into grand apartments with chandeliers blazing, and wish I were in the warmth of their families and the warmth of my family…   But I’m ready for some adventure.  I’m ready to be a guest.

Who’s inviting?

How did your Christmas turn out? Any insights, wish lists, coulda shoulda woulda to share with us in the comment box below?  You know we all want to hear from you.

xo  Liza

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4 thoughts on “What I learned at Christmas

  1. We couldn’t see family this year, so we stayed at a castle on a hill this year. Lovely meals, a long walk Christmas morning, use of a spa, even snow. I recommend finding a hotel that offers lots of options for entertainment and just relax and enjoy. We’ll do it again.

  2. Some of my friends in Montreal went to Cuba for Christmas, which they have done the last few year…maybe a good idea for you. The Cubans still have not been affected by the commercialism of Christmas.

  3. I did it and I would soooooo do it again. My trip to Kenya and Tanzania is one that I will NEVER forget and the best Xmas gift I could have ever given to myself. By the time I got back, I could have skipped Xmas altogether, I was FULL of FABULOUS and DELICIOUS adventure!!!!!

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