What’s your Christmas dinner?

Beef Wellington, please


Christmas Day in my home now is different now that the kidlings are adults.

Back then it was a flurry of shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning after which I would tumble into bed exhausted.  I never would have dreamed of making such a dish — not that it’s difficult,  mind you.  It just requires some calm assembly time.

Christmas is now a sensual, slow day, filled with the nurturing spirits of my Christmases past.  A lazy breakfast of creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on brioche with a pot of PG Tips.  I spend the day luxuriously reading, going for a walk, and listening to Christmas music.   As afternoon slips into dusk I light candles and bring out the Prosecco.

My signature dish for Christmas Day supper, always served at four,  is now Beef Wellington.  Years ago, I made it for the first time on Christmas for a party of eight.  That was nervy don’t you think?  Luckily, it came out perfectly.  I think this Gordon Ramsay video is so clear, that anyone could make it, don’t you?

I assemble it the night before as Gordon suggests.  All I do on Christmas Day is pop it into the oven.  I mash potatoes and just as the Wellington is resting out of the oven,  I saute a large pan of spinach.

I’m not telling you this to brag, make you jealous, or add to the food porn epidemic.  I’m just sharing my new tradition and wondering what’s cooking in your kitchen.  If you haven’t decided yet…this could be fun to try, don’t you think, maybe…?

What is your signature Christmas dinner?  I really want to know!

xo  Liza


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