Why you want a bathrobe

It elegantizes you

Thank you Matthew Williamson
Breakfast in chic deshabille.  Robe by Matthew Williamson


Somewhere along the way, bathrobes got a bum deal.   It was when we forsook nightgowns and pajamas for sleeping in nothing, or a ratty t-shirt  or naughty underwear for sex, or the beloved pajama pant, that college students now wear 24/7.

Today we breakfast in our gym clothes, or appear fully dressed for a quick cup of coffee.  Or we don’t breakfast at all and run out of the house to make Starbucks richer.

Hold on my lovelies.  We’re missing a moment here.  It is the transitional moment that a beautiful robe provides.  A bathrobe elegantizes you.  Yes, I made the word up.  Fashion and function in one sexy piece.  Cozy and glam.   A robe invites you to breakfast in chic deshabille.  Why move so fast from sleep to life full speed ahead?

Since I’ve become a convert to bathrobe living, I now have a garment that has elevated my life. For starters, I always look great in my robe.  Instant luxe glam as Flossie would say.  No more running from the shower in a towel, searching for the undies.  I can sit on my loveseat, sip a cuppa, and assemble the day’s outfit.  Conversely, in the evening, I don’t switch from street clothes to pjs;  I transition via the robe.

I used to think it was a waste of precious suitcase space to travel with a robe.  But now I see how a robe uplifts your trip.   You make one elegant houseguest in your robe.   You have something to slip on in your hotel room giving your hardworking travel wardrobe a rest.  You’ll feel divine wearing your robe whilst washing your underpinnings in the bathroom sink, and when room service delivers you won’t be scrambling for something to throw on.

I’m not talking about traveling with a big, fluffy thing.  A light silk kimono will do.

A bathrobe adds s p a c e to your life by creating a new moment we have banished.  A private garment that can be worn publicly, a bathrobe is the pause that refreshes.

xo Liza

P.S.  So…!  Do you have a robe?   Tell all.

P.P.S.  Shout out to the lovely Sally who has a proper French country morning in her silk kimono.

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4 thoughts on “Why you want a bathrobe

  1. I still have two robes: one for hot weather and one for our version of winter. Both are sightly enough to wear out to the front gate and bring in the mail. And, as you say. wearing a robe raises the “elegance” bar by at least two notches, although I’d never thought of it as such. That’s it! I’m on the prowl for expanding my robe collection. As always, Liza, you make the keenest observations.

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