December treats

Heart, mind, body

choco crackles

Today, a glimpse into the way I try to make December a multi storied month, not just about Christmas.

Everyone has their Christmas traditions and their special cookies they make year after year.

One of mine is Dark Chocolate and Orange Crackles.  Even the words make me smile.  Everyone who I have ever shared this recipe with has been happy happy happy.

Recipe’s here thanks to the folks at Fine Cooking.


This weekend is my first annual December retreat.   The agenda includes: Meditation; Gratitude List; 2014 Review by categories: business, finance, heart, soul, health, travel personal, family, community, home and giving.

Wild Wish list (“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”)  followed by  2015 Goal setting. I follow the Tony Robbins approach to focusing on outcomes before making to-do lists. That changes the game completely.  Then I look at the upcoming year on a calendar and sketch in dates for  travel, conferences and goal reaching.

Of course:  cups of tea, favorite nibbles, yoga, more meditation, a massage.  Dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant.

If this all makes you yawn…sorry!  It looks ambitious to read about. But when you take the time to sit with yourself…it feels oh so good! A mini pause amidst the holiday crush.   You marvel at all the fine things you did in 2014 and have a roadmap for the year ahead.  January gets off to a calm and peaceful start.


To end on a lofty, artistic note, here’s a list of The New York Times 10 Best Books of 2014.  Reading is my solution for almost everything.  It inspires, comforts and entertains.

Wishes for a happy December weekend everyone!  Stay calm, be gentle with yourself.  Take time out for you.

xo  Liza

p.s.  What are you doing this weekend?  Let’s hear about all your different activities!

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