The yearning begins

It’s the most wonderful delicate time of the year

christmas lights


Only December 1 and the yearning has begun.

In the tropics where I live, Christmas arrives in July.  The back to school merch in Costco is put away and huge nativity scenes and prelit Christmas trees start crowding the aisles in 100 degree weather.   Imagine how I feel by now.

But now the official Christmas season is in earnest.   The music, the lights, the smells, the frantic shopping and I am swept up in the remembrances of Christmases past, vague expectations, particular disappointments, memories of parents and friends departed.  Dickens got it right centuries ago.

So it is not at all surprising that this time of year with its early dark nights creates a huge yearning in me.

It’s the creation of desire and expectation by merchants and society that burgeons out of proportion.  The supermarket is filled with extravagant foods and ingredients deemed celebration worthy.  Mountains of gift box chocolates and dried fruits for baking.  Magazines with glossy covers extoll a Christmas we could never achieve or hope to experience.  Crowds of people shopping out of duty perplexes me.  Whilst I love to please and surprise people with gifts, I mostly stay out of the stores at this time of year.   Rather, I have been selecting  gifts all year long as they appeared and saved them.

For me, Christmas is not a thing or a day, it’s a feeling.  Yes there are the traditions, the events, the meals, the parties, the moments. But in the end, it is a feeling that begins and ends with me.  A feeling of gratitude, of hope and reverence.

I do love Christmas.  I want to love Christmas.  But it has to be on my terms.  So I will embrace this undefined yearning and string up some lights to cheer me in the darkness.  Amazing what a string of lights can do.

What about you my lovelies?  Am I being overdramatic?  Or do you too feel a panoply of zingy feelings at this time of year?

xo  Liza

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2 thoughts on “The yearning begins

  1. Living so far from home and not always in countries where Christmas is celebrated the same way has caused me to examine what is Christmas. Hearing the Salvation Army bell ringers and putting money in the bucket, A Charlie Brown Christmas, that first really cold day, lights on random trees, going to an Advent carol service or hearing Handel’s Messiah, drinking my first eggnog latte…these all start the season. Thinking of my childhood silver foil tree, putting out the nativity set, remembering how I got certain ornaments as we decorate the real tree, wrapping presents, and then on the day, good food, bad TV, and monopoly marathons. That’s Christmas, or a reasonable facsimile.

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