Thanksgiving this year

Always grateful no matter what


To have Thanksgiving a few days after the passing of a friend is… difficult.  The death of a beloved grabs you like a rag doll and shakes you sans cesse.  

It happens every time. The ultimate cosmic shakeup.  You think you’d get used to it.  But you don’t.

However,  I will cook Thanksgiving dinner.  On Saturday.  Expats all over the world know why I said Saturday.  Here in Mexico, Thanksgiving Thursday is a day like any other.  The kids go to school and I teach until 8 p.m.  So Saturday it is.

It will be a quieter, more thoughtful day of gratitude.  Grace and love will inform my cooking, just as Raymundo’s passing will inform the rest of my life.  Death is a touchstone for living harder, loving better, fretting less, being kinder, turning off the neurotic mind and always remembering that life is to be enjoyed to the max.

I will take comfort in the  familiar:  shopping, baking and cooking.  I will set my table.  The apple pie will be crusted with pastry stars. The pumpkin pie will glisten.  For the first time in seven years I will have both my adult kidlings at the table. We will carry on the tradition of sharing what we are grateful for.  After the meal, before we leave the table, we’ll discuss the turkey sandwiches on white bread with mayo that we’ll enjoy later.

We celebrate our lives and the lives of those we loved.  The older we get, the more spirits at the table — a table filled with more love than the eye can see.

Hold your people closer this year.  And closer every year.  Wishes for an illuminating Thanksgiving everyone.

xo Liza


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