Living like a champion

A champion is a warrior

When a champion is down she plays all the harder.


As many of you know, since I retired from my amateur tennis career I have become a prima tennis fan.

Today I want to talk about champions.  I have long been fascinated by the behavior of champions.

For starters, vocabulary is all important in their mindset.

Watch Serena, Maria, Rafa, or Roger when they are “behind.”  A champion never uses the word “losing” or “loser.”  They don’t say, “I lost the match,” or “I played badly.”  They say, “My opponent played better today.”

And what does a champion do when they are “behind?”  This is the brilliant concept:  they play all the harder!  They don’t give up, get depressed, think I’m playing terribly or having a sh***y day.  No!  They roar back all the louder. They pump themselves up with their body language.  They don’t throw in the towel, they demand more of themselves.  They don’t want to lose the match; their opponent must win the match.  See the difference?

This is breathtaking and inspiring to watch.

A champion never doubts herself.  She believes that she is a winner.  A champion does not give up until the last ball goes over the net.

A champion does not compare herself to other people.  A champion works with her unique strengths and does everything to overcome her perceived weaknesses.

A champion is gracious in winning or in defeat.

A champion gets up the next day, brushes off the loss and prepares to win the next tournament.

A champion who wins, enjoys the victory, and then prepares to win the next tournament.

A champion takes care of her body and her mind.  Good nutrition, training, physical and psychological conditioning.

A champion is not apologetic for who she is.  A champion embraces her quirks and uniqueness.

A champion is aware of her body language.  Body language can change many situations to her favor.

I’m going to adopt a champion’s mindset and see how that works for me.  I have been prey in the past for moping about if things are not going my way.  No more!  I’m going to live the champion’s lifestyle.

Won’t you join me?  Isn’t it time we stopped criticizing and doubting ourselves?  When life hands you lemons…roar back all the louder.

xo Liza

P.S.  What’s cooking at Camp Liza this weekend:  Spanokopita.  For desert:  Fresh berries in a fortified wine reduction with a mignon dollop of ice cream.  The pre dinner cocktail is Campari with a splash of soda and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. This is the cocktail I enjoyed whilst at Sally’s in Najac, France in the final days of Indian summer.


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