Hospital Survival Kit

As I was rushing out the door to the ER…



I wrote about this on a previous blog but given what happened to me last week, I think it’s time for a refresh.

I became severely dehydrated from a bout of tropical gastroenteritis and knew I had to get to the ER real quick.

I asked a friend to take me to the hospital.  When she saw the bag I was toting  she said, “What have you got in there?”  Her tone suggested isn’t this a little over the top?  But when she saw the bag in action she said, “hmm…I’m going to have to rethink this idea of yours.”

This is all the stuff you’re going to want when you are hooked up to an IV.

Small pillow.  I take a Tempurpedic. You know how impossible it is to get comfortable in a hospital bed?  All those sudden cricks.

Sleep mask. They don’t turn the lights off in the ER, and even in your hospital room it is hard to tune out all the comings and goings.  I use my airplane fleece mask.

Cuddly socks.  Hospitals are cold.  Warm feet relax you.  And you need all the relaxation you can get.

Toiletries.  Shampoo. Moisturizer.

Water bottle.  You don’t want to pay for expensive hospital water.

Disposable face masks. Hospitals have super germs.   I caught pneumonia IN a hospital. I now wear a face mask whenever I enter a hospital.

Your electronics:  Ipad.  Kindle.  Mobile.  All with their chargers and the all important extension cord.

Something cozy warm.  An American Apparel hoodie or a wool shawl or both.

End of story: all is well.  I’m back home now.  I unpacked the survival bag and have put it all behind me.

Upward and onward.

Do you have any hospital survival tips you can share with us?  We’d love to hear them.

xo  Liza


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7 thoughts on “Hospital Survival Kit

  1. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing for the hospital. The only thing I would add to your perfect list is jammies. But then again, I go as a companion, not a patient, so don’t know of jammies is valid.

  2. you may consider adding a small bottle of hand sanitizer. whenever i open the door at the local walk-in clinic and use one of their pens to sign in, that’s the first thing i reach for.

  3. Liza, this is such a useful list. Happily, I have only had to pack for the hospital a couple of times in my life, but I remember wishing I’d thought to bring several of the items on your list. The only thing I’d add to it are your regular medications, if you take any. Thanks so much for another of your great ideas!

  4. Sheldon would appreciate this list. For surgery, the most important thing I pach, and I take as a gift for others is individually wrapped prunes.

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